Welcome! This is a monumental step in your journey for healing and I know you are ready to embrace the wonderful changes that are close at hand. Therapy can empower someone, like yourself, to find meaning and clarity in their lives. I am honored ypu are considering me to accompany you through this process.

Here are my promises to you

I will not judge you regardless of any choices or circumstances you face

I welcome people of all walks of life

I am lgbt friendly and well versed in aspects of those communities

I will be honest and truthful while being kind and considerate.

I am adaptable to your specific needs for therapy

I do not do “talk therapy”. This is more than a place to just vent though there is a space for that as well.

I will give you all the knowledge and skills I can at a comfortable pace

I will provide you with external resources if needed and provide you links for useful tools and gadgets

I will meet you where you currently are at in your journey

I will be part of your support system which entails supporting and encouraging you at every step and celebrating all your victories.

I will respect your boundaries and limitations while helping you stay accountable for your responsibilities

I will be vicariously happy for you to find empowerment through therapy and achieve all of your goals.

Together we can work to resolve all of the obstacles in your way or at least help you to manage the symptoms you are dealing with.

As this message comes to a close, I want to leave you with this quote.
“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start now and make a brand new beginning!”

I know you have been through difficult times and sometimes the world feels too devoid of hope and things feel like they will never change. I’m here to say that I’m here to help change that for you if you give me the opportunity! Hope to see you soon!