Who is Orionee?

Hello! I am Orionee (pronounced Or-ee-on-ee), a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern, born and raised in the Clair-Mel City area of Tampa Bay. I hold a master’s degree of Social Work and bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of South Florida. My social work career began working with the local houseless population, managing their mental health and basic needs for housing, food, and medical treatment. I’ve also worked with birth parents and families in the adoption process, and I’ve offered therapy services to teens, adults, couples, and families in a private practice setting. I practice from a person-centered approach which puts you in the driver seat and allows me the privilege of being a backseat navigator who knows many routes to your path of healing. I empathetically listen and gently offer direction that empowers you to shift negative, limiting thoughts and behaviors to self-acceptance and growth.

Like many Black women in this country, I’ve experienced my own share of trials and tribulations that taught me fortitude, survival, and independence. I learned that healing is about self-discovery. The lessons that taught me how to thrive, instead of just surviving, came with learning strategies and techniques to improve myself. In session, we will work together to better understand your past, present and future. We can talk about your trauma and your drama. As a Second-Degree Reiki, I believe we all possess the ability the ultimately guide ourselves on this journey and my goal is to teach you how to thrive on your own.

I spend my free time meditating, reading, writing, practicing Reiki and going out with friends and family. I love attending festivals, live music and open mic events, healing retreats, and simply being in community with good people. My other passions include community involvement, being immersed in Black culture, mentorship, and education. I enjoy volunteering with juvenile diversion agencies, youth educational and art programs, and working with an LGBTQ+ buddy-phone organization.